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  New fast-casual chain Skinny’s Satay is pleased to announce the opening of its first three locations; Gansevoort Market opening on June 1st 2017, followed by locations in Queens Center in July and Dumbo in September.   Owned by Jesse Baer of Bleeko Group, Skinny’s Satay will provide New Yorkers with the same addictive and…

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As I strolled through the Whole Foods aisles figuring out what best to make for the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s meal, I stumbled across an incredible deal on lobster tails for just $5.99 and a turkey leg for a mere .82! But then, I realized why. According to numerous superstitions, these are two of the worst things you can eat on New Year’s Day! I want to pass my newfound knowledge onto you, dear TGATP readers, lest you ruin your whole year by consuming the wrong foods!

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