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As I strolled through the Whole Foods aisles figuring out what best to make for the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s meal, I stumbled across an incredible deal on lobster tails for just $5.99 and a turkey leg for a mere .82! But then, I realized why. According to numerous superstitions, these are two of the worst things you can eat on New Year’s Day! I want to pass my newfound knowledge onto you, dear TGATP readers, lest you ruin your whole year by consuming the wrong foods!

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Frank Sinatra‘s birthday was December 12th, so we thought we would celebrate with some recipes from Patsy’s, Frank’s favorite Italian Restaurant. I am a huge Sinatra fan and, just like Frank, I also consider Patsy’s one of the best restaurants in NYC. Thus, I am honored that I was invited to share some of Ol’ Blue Eyes’…

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